The new Rolex Datejust 36 comes with some tropical vibes

“I have to say that I find the white gold oystersteel Datejust with the beautiful fluted dial very appealing. I have always been a fan of deep blue dials combined with a steel look case. And Rolex has, in my opinion, simply hit the mark with this dial”

Quick take of the new Rolex Datejust 36 models

Rolex just presented their new collection at Watches and Wonders 2021. And part of it were some new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 models, which feature two interesting and unusual dials. Not that Rolex has never used the Datejust as a canvas for unusual dials, but now they’ve added two more that, in my opinion, step up the game. At least one of them.

A dial that makes me want to go on holidays

Firstly, there is a dial with a palm tree motif (now that I think about it, I would like to be somewhere with lots of palm trees, and very little Corona). Enough dreams about the impossible, let’s get back to the topic. The palm tree motif will be avaiable on three different models. First, there is an Oystersteel version, which comes on an Oyster bracelet and shows a olive-green palm motif.

The next version has a bit of a pimp look. What do I mean by that? A Two-Tone Oysterdate with a golden palm dial, a golden bezel and a gold steel bracelet. Enough said? Now that I think of it, this watch and Miami would be a great fit for each other.

And then, last but not least, the final variant comes in a Two-Tone steel and Everose gold look. Combining a silver palm dial with a Two-Tone Everose Jubilee bracelet and an Everose bezel.

In addition to the tropics-themed dials, the Oyster Datejust is now also available in a fluted dial style. There is a yellow gold and steel version with a gold fluted dial and a white gold and steel version with a blue fluted dial.

All new Datejust models are equipped with the Rolex manufacture movement 3235, which, true to its name, has a case diameter of 36mm (thanks captain obvious). The new Datejust has an impressive power reserve of 70h, which Rolex has achieved through their new technology. True to the other Datejust’s, the new one also has a water resistance of 100 metres.

First impression

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of this year’s Rolex novelties, one almost has to say I was quite disappointed after seeing this year’s releases. And I would describe myself as quite a Rolex fan boy. Still, I have to say that, after a while, I’m starting to like the exotic palm tree design. It shows that Rolex doesn’t take themself so seriously all the time and can indeed sometimes pull a funny and creative design out of their sleeve (even if it’s not that often). I’m also glad that Rolex limited themselves to the 36mm this year and didn’t blow up the Datejust even more.

Besides the palm version, there is also the fluted dial version, which comes with a golden and a blue dial. As for the variant with the blue dial, it has to be said that it was not announced or officially released by Rolex at the time. The people at Fratellowatches discovered this hidden variant and presented it in one of their articles. So after reading their article I immediately got on the Rolex Configurator and checked to see if the rumors were true. And indeed, they are true, the model exists! Besides the cool blue dial, this watch is made of white gold and the normal Oystersteel. If you want to know more about the white gold model, you can check it out in the Rolex configurator here I have put them together especially for you.

Let’s move on to my personal favourites of the selection: First, the olive-green palm version. I think the dark green, almost faded color looks so good in combination with the steel surface of the case and the bracelet.

And secondly, I have to say that I also find the white gold Oystersteel Datejust with the beautiful fluted dial very appealing. I have always been a fan of deep blue dials combined with a steel look case. And Rolex has, in my opinion, simply hit the mark with the fluted dial. I would love to see this dial “in action” in the sunlight, but if Rolex continues with the same distribution tactics as in the last two years, I will probably never get to see this watch on my wrist..


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